Because enhanced wireless vehicle communications is our passion
and that’s what we do!

Introducing ET-1, the EASE Enhanced Telematics System - the only telematics solution that provides vehicle tracking and the enhanced vehicle data features you need in an inexpensive, compact design that is portable and accessible via the web.

ET-1 - EASE Enhanced Telematics System

Mini Telematics Interface (MTI) - The ET-MTI outperforms traditional vehicle telematics interfaces by offering a powerful combination of GPS, cellular communications technology, 3-axis accelerometer, on-board memory and OBD II generic and enhanced vehicle communications.


pictureVehicle Tracking & Alerts  - View the live location and speed of your vehicle anytime.  View historical data on maps, reports, charts and histograms. Receive alerts when your vehicle is speeding, being driven when it's not supposed to be or when it has exited or entered a designated area.


pictureRemote Door Unlock - Locked your keys in you car?  Unlock your car, anywhere, anytime from the Web or with SMS (text messaging) - no hardwire installation is required.  Every hour over 500 drivers lock their keys in their car.


pictureVehicle Health Check  - Run a diagnostic health check report of your vehicle’s key systems anytime.  Included in this report are Check Engine/MIL light status, active trouble codes with description, I/M monitors status and estimated emission inspection test result.


About EASE Telematics


Leader In Enhanced Wireless Vehicle Communications
EASE is a pioneer and leader in wireless vehicle diagnostics and information products with over 17 years of success and numerous industry awards for innovative product design. EASE brings this “know how” and experience to the telematics arena by using EASE's sophisticated vehicle communication libraries and diagnostics databases to create a versatile telematics solution that is sure to have something for everyone.





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